[AOW] Took a Machete to the Face

I believe that the spread of information through social media like Reddit in this week’s article is good. Social networking promotes innovation, develops ideas and publicizes causes that wouldn’t become known without their help.  The spread of popular social sites has helped people and causes bring in cash. These sites have made it easier than ever to raise money for any cause and quickly spread the word.

Every day, a website called Kickstarter.com raises thousands of dollars from people who get excited about someone else’s idea. People post project ideas (things they want to do), and other users can donate money to help the person accomplish the goal.

Epic Thanks is a website that asks users to express their gratitude online through a post or picture and then use their social media presence, like Twitter or Facebook, to publicize their gratitude. Some people even agreed to do a gratitude dance online if their followers raised a certain amount of money. This draws a bigger and bigger circle of people to the charity’s website, where more and more people are pulled into the cause. In 2011, Epic Thanks used the gifts to build a school in Tanzania.

Another site called Snoball allows users to set triggers for their charitable gifts, like donating $1 every time Tony Romo throws an interception. Snoball uses a powerful data engine to track the triggers and collect the donation. The real magic though is when a person links their social networks to the site and friends get in on the action, a snowball effect.

Great ideas and urgent needs ought to be shared. Social networking makes this easy, fast, and personal.  People are drawn together, and they feel good about making a difference and being a part of something bigger than themselves. Now, it’s a lot easier for anybody to change the world.

Maybe now I can get my parents to agree to a Facebook account.

You’re a Wizard Harry,

  1. #1 by spacklr on February 20, 2012 - 12:52 pm

    lol thats hilarious, dark sure is popurar

  2. #2 by Darkstar1120 on February 21, 2012 - 9:59 pm

    A machete whistled through the air right before making contact with flesh. The man fell to the ground clutching his face. This was the beginning of a event that changed the way people raise and make money on the internet.

    After this happened, a college student posted a topic asking for money to make sure that the orphanage that was attacked would be safe from something like this happening again. The student was able to raise over $80,000. Afterwards, the student was able to give the money to the orphanage.

    This is living proof that the internet is opening up ways to make money, even for those who arnt able to go out and fund-raise. If anything, this proves that anyone can do anything they want to. They just have to have the will power and initiative.

  3. #3 by Scott R on February 21, 2012 - 10:50 pm

    Response: How can one person make a difference when encountering a social challenge?

    While the Kenyan orphans may think God sent Ben Hardy to their village, Ben thinks Reddit should get all the credit. In reality, the credit should go to Ben himself, for he took the initiative to reach out to people in need and then do something about it. Along the way, he changed the world for a group of orphans and all those caught up in the story.

    Ben, a college student in Kenya on an internship, stopped by the orphanage after reading about the damage thieves had again caused in January when they climbed over the rickety fence of an orphanage near Nairobi. While there, he saw for himself the damage they caused. An eleven-inch scar, cut by the blade of a robber’s machete, runs the length of Anthony Omari’s face. Anthony tried to defend the orphans from yet another attack, a story told graphically enough by the scar it left behind.

    Later, Ben posted a picture he took of Anthony onto Reddit’s social networking site. The graphic scar spotlights not only Anthony’s bravery but also the genuine needs of the orphans. Through his call for action on Reddit, Ben turned on a spigot of cash donations that amounted to over $80,000. That money has been used to strengthen security and build a fence around the orphans’ home.

    Ben initially asked for only $2,000, but users were obviously moved by the story beyond his imagination. Within the past few weeks, repairs have already begun at the orphanage. The media attention on this story will motivate others to go out of their way to look for needs, use their social networks to respond, and then see if they can also be a part of something bigger than themselves.

  4. #4 by Verge on March 4, 2017 - 4:34 pm

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